Jesus Martin – Saxophonist

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A unique and high energy Sax player who has performed at private, corporate, and night club events around Europe.Available to hire alongside one of the Big Event DJs\Hosts for Club Sax performances

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Jesus Martin – Saxophonist is unique and high energy Sax player who has performed at private, corporate and night club events around Europe.

Jesus Martin – Saxophonist is also available as background for background ambience sets to high energy LED Club Sax performances with one of your DJs bringing the party directly to your dance floor! Providing a bespoke performance for a wedding or corporate event or Whether as a main stage club performer Jesus Martin’s experience and attention to detail in the industry is second to none. From providing a freestyle Ibiza style with one of our Big Event DJs Hosts to a Smooth Jazz or Pop performance as a solo he can work closely with you to match the exact type of show to the requirements of your event, further enhancing this with his unique range of Saxophones and visual options.

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The booking to booking our artistes and acts is. Check there availability on our real-time calendar. Put you choose in your cart and fill in all your details there is an area where you can put venue location and also any notes. When you have submitted your booking one of our Entertainment Agents will contact you to confirm final details and any artistes conditions if applicable. When hiring one of are artiste you are hiring them for a specific date and a time most of are performers/ artiste perform two sets in 45min sections some offer this time split onto 30min sets this is standard unless stated with the artiste profile. The time allocation will also be required, and some of our performers sometimes do more than two performance per day. Some artists also have rider contracts attached with conditions this we would inform you about, it would be our regular practise making you aware of any riders on the artiste’s profile.

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